Tuesday, September 17, 2019

These five trend workouts will put you in shape

Never before has the fitness offer been as big as now. Have you missed browsing the menu? We will show you what disciplines are worth it.


In Atomix, tape series alternate with full-body exercises on the floor. The training is strict, but that is exactly what high-intensity interval training is all about: increasing the heart rate and providing the famous afterburning effect that keeps your body fully functioning for hours after training.

Adjustment factor: an intense mixture of resistance and strength that develops muscles quickly and burns up to 1,000 kilocalories per hour.

For whom: all efficiency lovers who like the club's energy atmosphere and want to get in shape quickly.


Of course, Ibiza is better known for its mojitos and long nights than for the macrobiotic diet and sweaty workouts. The incredible nature of the island also offers the best outdoor gym and an atmosphere that will make even the most stressed relax. This is where Bootcamp comes into play: in a wonderful villa, you will be served for a whole week to recharge your batteries.

Adjustment factor: a luxury kickstart for a more balanced life. In seven days you will get a new body consciousness that will accompany you for a long time.

For whom: Brave who want to be rewarded. In the training camp, both sports addicts and newcomers are welcome.

Where: Top Hill Retreats was founded by the Swiss Andrea Fritschi. Information at:

Pilates Booster

In this training of the whole body, all the muscles are claimed, even those that you did not know to exist. That's what it takes to be hard and thin an angel of Victoria's Secret. Fluid exercises are performed on the so-called megaformer, a device that has already shaped Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba. The method was founded by the French Sébastien Lagree.

 Fit Factor: Pilates' classic benefits, such as improved posture and agility, apply to strength training, which has a toning effect.

For whom: those who want to give their body the final touch and not shy away from quite expensive training.


The training is based on fluid movements that promote both strength and endurance and internal Zen. For an hour you let yourself go barefoot through music and strengthen balance and flexibility. 60 minutes on the mat are spent as if there were five.

Fit factor: the ideal combination of strict sequences and moments in which one finds peace and inner center.

For whom: all those who seek a complete training that strengthens the internal center and at the same time defines the abdominal muscles.

Urban Ride

Work hard, play hard, and do it preferably at the same time. For 50 minutes you will pedal to club music on the spinning bike. They consume up to 800 calories per hour.

Fit factor: the intense cardio alternated with strength exercises on the bike.

For whom: Endurance fans who find their running track is too lonely and enjoy both protein shakes and a gin and tonic.

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