Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The queen of yoga in Ibiza

Learn to know, learn to live. This Austrian could have turned this statement into a vital mantra. Because, from her Ibizan YogaRosa Retreats, Rosa Klein shares her experience to undertake a wiser and healthier path.

Simply enter YogaRosa Retreats, in Santa Eulalia, to realize that we are about to discover a place where peace and silence are possible. In the middle of the beautiful Ibizan countryside, this particular yoga and meditation retreat has nothing to do with the stereotyped image of an island taken by revelers to the rhythm of electronic music. This is something else. Or many. A rural accommodation, a yogi space to work body and mind, a place where healthy food delights vegans and vegetarians ... When we meet its creator, Rosa Klein, fit all the pieces of the puzzle: this 54-year-old Austrian, who devoted herself to fashion magazines and interior design for a long time, emanates the same calm as her particular paradise. From there, he makes his revolution: teaching others that it is possible to live in the present, where you can only be happy.

 What made an Austrian as you come to an island like Ibiza? 

Ibiza has been blessed with magical and mystical places that have their healing strength and spiritual qualities. Some of them are very important, such as Es Vedrà: a mysterious islet known as the third most magnetized place on the planet. So it was a perfect space to create a healing holistic yoga and meditation retreat.

 And what has made him stay in it?

I was lucky to find a beautiful and peaceful place on the island and a wonderful team that supports me to fulfill my therapeutic vision of yoga and continue my path as a yoga and meditation teacher. It also made me stay sharing this experience with others, guiding them amid these current times, always changing and chaotic. And find the peace that allows me to discover what you no longer need and deepen yourself and your healing abilities.

Until arriving here, he made a painful physical and emotional journey. A terrible accident changed his life ... 

Yes, I suffered an accident that caused me brain damage, broken ribs, a fairly affected leg ... and a future project full of pain. However, I had a near-death experience that changed my life: because there is only one vital path, that of love and trust. Yoga and daily meditation became such essential practices in my existence that they continue until today. They help me to live pain-free.

This experience led her to seek in India teachings that would allow her to take that path better. And he did it through yoga teachers. What did you learn from them?

We all have a personal line to follow, a destiny, but we must learn to trust our body and our existence. With our freedom, we can decide which way to go, that is our gift. What happens is that we are very far from our inner knowledge, from our balance. Yoga and meditation are the keys to happiness, because each one has a universe inside them and, with their help, if we are patient, we can find it. With my teachers, I understood that life is learning, that problems are opportunities to change and that we should not be afraid to leave our comfort zone.

 You assure that Ibiza is the perfect place for yoga and meditation. What does this island have in common with India?

There is similar energy, although where there is light there is also darkness ... You know, yin and yang. Tanit, a woman, is the goddess of Ibiza, and traditionally the Ibicencos have believed in her feminine energy. The planet itself, Mother Earth, shares this same force, so it is not strange that the inhabitants of the island have always been peaceful people. Well, until the pirates arrived and occupied it ... But that powerful energy is present and we can feel it in silence.

 In the middle of the field, far from noise, haste and stress are precisely YogaRosa Retreats. What do those who get there find?

Through therapeutic yoga and meditation, we rediscover our inner balance, we develop a calmer mind, more focused on the here and now, in the present moment. Our bodies become stronger and more toned, but we also give tools for our mind to better understand our body and improve it. The techniques we practice are particularly effective for those who are looking for a new path in their lives, who are recovering from or living with a disease.

 With initiatives like this, is it possible to discover a more natural and relaxing Ibiza, beyond its famous clubber culture?

Of course. There is much more to the island than foam parties ... For example? Its fantastic inland forests, its fields, its beaches or its caves on the coast. Here you can dance all night, but also do spiritual work. What I love about Ibiza is its energy, its vibrations. I cannot analyze it, nor even define it. Simply put, it is an island that welcomes the hippies, the jet set, the indigenous farmers, international tourists ... A microcosm where everyone lives and let live.

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