Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Keys to improving business agility: the secret is to connect people

What is business agility?

  • Quickly adapt to market changes internally and externally.
  • Answer in a short time and with the flexibility to customer requests.
  • Adapt and lead change productively and profitably without diminishing quality.
  • Being continuously ahead of the competition.
  • Appreciate the talent of young people (everything is in their hands).

It is the proactive and safe way in which a company perceives change and acts before it to offer commercial value to everyday business matters faster than the competition.

Companies that want to survive in this challenging world must know the 12 principles of Agile Management:

  1. To satisfy the client.
  2. Accept the change.
  3. Interact frequently.
  4. Teamwork.
  5. Motivate people.
  6. Communicate face to face.
  7. Work at a constant pace.
  8. Calculate and evaluate the work.
  9. Commit to achieving excellence.
  10. Search for simplicity.
  11. Evolve.
  12. Reflect regularly.

How to motivate

And the important thing… how do we implement these elements in organizations? As an innovation manager at ISOCO CLEVER, I am convinced that we can establish a new framework by playing with two vectors: agility in change and agility in results.

Those who are agile in change:

  • They enjoy messing things up.
  • They introduce new perspectives often.
  • They strive to continually improve.
  • They know how to carry the weight and pressure of the change.
  • They understand the impact of change and know how to face it.
Those who are agile in the results:

  • They form high-performance teams.
  • They know how to adapt.
  • They act correctly in the first few times.
  • They are motivated by challenges.
  • They achieve things against all odds.

Customers must be the central focus of your company

When living in a constantly changing environment, it is more important than ever for companies to concentrate all their efforts on giving the customer what they want and need. To increase business agility, it is necessary for the company to know how to adapt, to have elasticity. This process begins by establishing good connections with customers, investors, the market and people within the company. Cultural change is essential for business transformation and connecting people drive change from within.

How to overcome functional compartments. A proposal based on LEGO® Serious Play®

Overcoming functional behaviors is essential to minimize dependencies, reduce waste and improve collaborations. Also, it allows you to respond safely and quickly to opportunities. I had the opportunity to show our work at Agile Business Day 2018 by conducting an LSP workshop, Keys to Lead Business Agility at Electrolux Innovation Factory (Keys to lead in business agility at Electrolux Innovation Factory), in November 2018. There, 25 innovators they immersed themselves in a rewarding experience about Agile Management called Leonardo's Secret: Codex Curiositatis, An Agile experience with BioMimicry. All attendees followed the 3 phases of the human-centered Design: convenience, feasibility, and feasibility. Thanks to this frame of reference, the individual, the team and the organization were part of the game and applied the elements of EFQM: talent, agility, creativity, and innovation. It was an incredible experience, for them and for me, to see how such intense interactions collapsed walls and united everyone in the search for results.

"To be successful today it is necessary to want and be able to constantly reconsider, revitalize, react and reinvent." Bill gates

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