Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Importance of wearing good shoes

Sometimes, we are guided by fashion, colors, shape or even the price to buy our sports shoes. This is important as long as you want to wear a nice complement and that goes with you, but wearing good shoes with optimal characteristics for the exercise that we want to perform will be essential if we do not want to suffer injuries or other problems related to bad posture when stepping. In this article, we will guide you so that when buying your sports you know what you should look at, from its structure, as its materials, or for which sport they are directed.

Why are good shoes important?

Wondering if it is essential to have correct shoes for a type of sport is how to ask if a tennis player has to have a good racket to play tennis well. The better the racket, the better materials, his strokes will be more accurate, it is clear that the player's experience and skill also counts, but having this will help him a lot. In the same way for runners or any other type of exercise that is important, our shoes are going to help us stand on the floor, without falling or slipping.

A shoe for each type of sport

There are different types of shoes and they all have different qualities depending on the sport you want to perform. Not all of them will serve you the same and, conveniently, you know the differences between them. In the case that you like to perform activities in the gym, such as aerobics, Zumba or others, the shoes have to have the smooth sole, but with a drawing that helps us not to slip on the parquet. They are lightweight, lightweight shoes and with which we will feel very comfortable wearing it.

On the other hand, if you need some running or jogging shoes on the street, several points to take into account will be convenient. On the one hand, in the case of drawing the sole, it should have more shape, so that it helps you to grip each stride. If you used an aerobics shoe for running, it is possible that, if it has rained or you go through a wet area, you can slip, so you would run the risk of being injured. This type of sports also usually have more ventilation, since the foot sweats much more. Another factor is the damping. When we run our strides they can make our knees suffer the constant impact of the body against the asphalt. If you have good cushioning, it will appear that you are running over the clouds and will avoid injuries enough ( ).


The materials in the composition of the shoe are more important than you can imagine. Not only will they affect the durability of the product, but also the comfort you feel with it. If you buy an extremely cheap shoe, your feet will suffer, since the materials are mostly synthetic and of poor quality, making the foot sweat inside the shoe, in addition to the grip we seek when we do an activity, it usually shines by your absence. In the same way, the joints between the sole and the body of the shoe, or the pressure points, usually on the toe, usually wear out before.

Nor do we ask you to buy the latest model of runner shoes that cost an eye of the face, you have to look at your possibilities, but also looking at the best quality-price of the product you are going to acquire. To buy good sports you have to look at the seams, the joints and also the fabric. Many models choose to use seams or joints with glue while others do so with seams or even with both techniques, the latter being the most resistant.

Are these shoes for me?

Now, you have the shoe that you like in front of you, and you want to know if it will work for your foot and for the activity you are going to do. With the advice, we have given you you will not fail for sure, but there are still a few more points to tell you. For example, when buying a sneaker, remember that you should not feel your foot imprisoned, you should buy a more size number. The reason? The foot tends to widen so that, if you are exercising in a small number, you will notice it and it will bother being able to create chafing. Likewise, the shoe has to be flexible, to be able to move with it easily.

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