Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How to take advantage of natural food proteins

If you are training to improve your fitness, feel more fit and increase your muscle mass, you should know that not only your lifestyle should focus on physical exercise, since food plays an important role in it and can do that you progress or stagnate, depending on what you eat. Possibly this is something that you already know, and in your diet, there are large amounts of protein foods, but you should know that not all foods are the same, since some are better assimilated in the body, giving more effective results and being noticed from the first week. If you want to know how to take advantage of the natural proteins of food, we advise you to keep reading and not miss anything in this article.

Slow assimilation vs rapid assimilation

When we feed, food passes through our stomach, which is responsible for splitting and breaking down so that our body can absorb nutrients more easily. Some foods have a much more complex chain than others, so their assimilation in the body is slower. What does this mean? What meals will be much heavier, and they are not taken full advantage. If we eat a lot of foods of this type, our stomach will work more on the bill, feeling less strong, and our progress in the gym or exercise will not be rewarded.

However, when we are taking foods rich in protein but that is fast assimilated, it takes less time for the body to take advantage of those nutrients, incorporating them into the bloodstream more quickly, so we feel more energetic and everything we eat is better used...

Foods that best leverage protein

One of the best ways to take advantage of the proteins we eat is to always cook those that suppose, as we have described above, that our body assimilates them better, as is the case of fish, preferably white, for being the ones with the lowest fat index They have, or  lean meats, among other foods that give us fast protein. These foods once they reach our stomach, are easier to treat, especially if they do not have a large number of fats or certain types of carbohydrates.

It is important to know that, if we mix fast-assimilating foods, with others that are not, the effect we seek slows down or even turns against us again, not serving all the effort we are making. This is the case of eggs or legumes that are going to make our stomach work more than we want (source: ).

Just as there are foods that are going to harm our progress, there are others that, mixed with fast assimilation protein foods, will make them assimilate even better thanks to their components, so it is advisable to mix them in the food, to have more use of what we eat.

The first food that will help us is papaya. The reason why it is so beneficial comes from an enzyme that produces called papain and performs a role very similar to pepsin. Pepsin is the main responsible in the body to convert the complex chains of proteins into essential amino acids, being more quickly absorbed in the intestine.

Another enzyme very similar to papain is the one found in pineapple, which is called bromelain. In the same way, this enzyme manages to speed up digestion, making the body take better advantage of everything. Also thanks to the vitamins of this fruit and fiber, we will get rid of what we do not need, doing a double function.

Two other foods that you should keep in mind and incorporate into daily life are figs and kiwis, both have components that improve digestion, making them work more effectively and making it take advantage of everything we eat.

Finally, one of the foods that can be more critical but if we know how to choose, they can become a fierce ally in our training and especially in the assimilation and use of the natural proteins we eat. Certain carbohydrates are essential since these are going to help  protect the amino acids  that are breaking down, helping to be absorbed, not all hydrates are the same, so you have to use them well, as is the case with white bread, Dates or bananas, which ingested wisely will also provide us with energy, great benefits for our body.

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