Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Get inspired with these looks for Christmas parties

The magic of Christmas is already in the air and we love it! This time is one of our favorites because, here in Mexico, with such a changing climate, we have the opportunity to wear our best looks: from a coat to a super comfortable sporty outfit, it all depends on the party or event you attend.

Get inspired by these four looks we chose, according to the trends of the season: dare!

1. Cute in preppy!

The preppy style we love it! It's something like a very trendy and chic version of your school uniform, if you love skirts, blouses, ties, bows, ribbons, blazers and plaid prints, you'll love this one. Here we leave you a proposal in very winter colors such as wine and olive green. Perfect for Christmas dinner with your family, don't you think?

2. Chic in boho! 

The bohemian style never goes out of style, and adapting it to the Christmas looks of the season is not difficult. A white printed shirt, your favorite jeans, a very girly beret, and suede ankle boots are all you need. Don't forget to add some fun accessories to complete your looks like a chain belt and a choker… ready! Ideal for fun inns with your friends.

3. Edgy in grunge! 

If you consider yourself an urban, fun and fashionista girl, grunge is your style. Achieve a more ad hoc look to the season by combining a basic skirt with a very funny hoodie and daring accessories such as a beret or platform tennis. This is what it looks like (and we love it for the end of the year party):

4. Comfy in Sporty! 

Fashion rule number 3 ... comfort is not fought with summer. If yours are sporty and relaxed looks, then you will love this set. Combine some sports leggings, with a hoodie dress or a long and complete blouse with a bomber in a very girly color like this. The detail of the headband is a plus that will make your outfit look more casual than sporty and is perfect to go out and enjoy winter activities.

Remember that even if you already have a defined style, you can always experiment and try new looks and sets. You may be surprised how good you will look in everyone! Find all the garments of these incredible trends in Class and take the opportunity to discover all the seasonal sales they have for you.

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