Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Attention! This is your chance to become an Aéropostale ambassador

No kidding, Aéropostale is looking for his next ambassador and so you can participate.

There are hundreds of stories of boys and girls who have become stars overnight, and others that have struggled to achieve their dreams to become one. But do you know what is most important, and the first thing you have to do? Simple…

Dare, have confidence in yourself and believe in your abilities! 

That is why today we want to talk to you about a dynamic in which Tú Magazine will summon four girls to be the new ambassadors of Aéropostale. Amazing, right? It is true, this proposal arises with the launch of the Autumn 2018 collection #INAERO de Aéropostale with fashion-forward pieces that create versatility and complement any look with washed overalls, short denim jackets, and new jeggings styles.

In addition to being an ambassador of Aéropostale for a period of six months, you will win a camera, a gift card with an amount of 8,000 pesos, a shooting that will appear on two pages of the You Magazine (printed) in its second edition of September 2018 and you can also appear on social networks and in a photo gallery in Revista Tú (digital).

Do you want to be an Aéropostale ambassador?

You just have to send a video with a maximum duration of two minutes to the email of where you answer the following questions: 1.

  1. What fun activity do you like to do? 2. How does your personality define this activity? 3. 
  2. What is your favorite outfit to do it? Including at least one piece of Aéropostale and the phrase "Be you with Aéropostale".

The four videos of the most creative chicks will be the new ambassadors. By the way, children can also participate eh ... so do not hesitate to share this info with your best friend, the one who has a lot of charisma and always makes you laugh. This contest is for women and men from 16 to 24 years old living in the State of Mexico, Mexico City or the Metropolitan Area. Here we leave you the bases of the dynamics so that you read them and see that you have many opportunities to win:

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