Tuesday, September 17, 2019

10 Annoying things about wearing shorts and how to solve them

If you love shorts, this will interest you ...

All girls who are lovers of shorts, we understand perfectly that not everything is pink, because there are certain details that when wearing shorts, are a total nuisance.

These are some of the problems of wearing shorts and we tell ourselves how to solve them ...

1. During the morning they adapt very well to your body, but after a few hours, they begin to loosen up horrible!

Solution: Choose shorts that are fully stretch, as these will always keep your figure much better.

2. Usually, you get a good one from the back and every little while you go down because you feel that you are showing too much pomp.

Solution: You should choose longer shorts, and if they are too loose at the waist, you can go to a tailor to adjust them to your needs. You are going to continue climbing, but at least you will have the calm that you are not showing anything you do not want.

3. Rubbing between the thigh.

Solution: If you were wondering why girls get off both shorts and more between legs, that is the answer: chafing. The only solution to protect friction is to choose a longer style. You can also apply Vaseline, you will feel a great relief!

4. We hate that our intimate part is marked.

Solution: Remember that the tighter your short is, there will be more chances of this happening. The only thing you can do to avoid this is to opt for a larger size.

5. One side of the leg looks longer than the other.

Solution: It happens that not all shorts are very symmetrical to say, which makes you feel that you have one leg longer than another. You will not believe it, but we do not rule out the possibility that you will continue to opt for a larger size.

Solution: It is bad to have to wear a belt when what we are looking for is to feel free and fresh. But something you have to take into account is the design that suits you. How about wearing high-waisted shorts? In addition to being the trendiest of the moment, you will find in them the solution you are looking for.

7. The front always wrinkles every time you sit down.

Solution: Wrinkles are inevitable, but they would be less noticeable if we opt for thicker fabrics. If you choose lace or cowboy fabrics, you will notice a big difference.

8. Let your underwear be marked!

Solution: Here things are a little different because the solution is that you know how to choose your lingerie well. Remember that depending on the clothes you are going to wear, it is the lingerie you should wear.

9. Those super cute little silk pants end up looking like simple pajamas.

Solution: This happens for frequent use and for washing them too much. If you want to keep them as fresh from the store, wash them by hand and use a mild detergent.

Have you had any other problems while wearing shorts?

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